Blue Bay Homes North Wales Charity of the Year | Prostate Cancer UK

We are delighted to announce that Prostate Cancer UK is Blue Bay Homes’ Charity of the Year. We can’t think of a better cause – Prostate Cancer UK’s strategy encompasses many factors, all dedicated to improving diagnosis, treatment, and welfare standards for those who develop prostate cancer – as well as providing much-needed support to those who are diagnosed with this often neglected disease.

Blue Bay Homes’ Commitment to Prostate Cancer UK

You may be aware that our director, Gary Evans, was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago after a routine PSA check. Thankfully, Gary responded well to treatment and made a full recovery. Gary started to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK in 2016 with the Grand Depart, combining his love for cycling as well as his desire to give back one year after his operation. Gary has completed another Grand Depart since then in aid of Prostate Cancer UK, and as a company, we have decided to make this very worthy cause our Charity of the Year. We will donate a sum of money to Prostate Cancer UK for every apartment we sell at The View.

Prostate Cancer UK’s Strategy to fight Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer UK’s end goal is to help more men survive prostate cancer, by providing four vital factors for progress.

The first is Better diagnosis – the development of a risk screening tool which will revolutionise current diagnosis techniques.

Better treatment is the second point of focus. Prostate Cancer UK believe that men need a better treatment than the present one-size-fits-all approach, which can, and does, lead to life-changing side effects. Prostate Cancer UK wish to revolutionise the treatment of prostate cancer with better treatments, including tailored treatment for men, according to what works best for them as individuals.

Prostate Cancer UK also seek to better prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. This is no small undertaking- precious little is known about how prostate cancer starts, grows and develops. The understanding of this disease, as well as how to stop it, is a priority area for Prostate Cancer UK.

The last of the ways of which Prostate Cancer UK commit themselves to fighting the disease is better support for people currently diagnosed with this disease, as well as those who are diagnosed in the future.

Prostate Cancer UK seek to work with health professionals at every level of care in order to highlight what needs to change in the way prostate cancer is treated, as well as develop innovative care schemes that make a difference to the lives of everyone diagnosed with prostate cancer.

All-in-all, we believe that Prostate Cancer UK’s four-point campaign to help more men survive prostate cancer is an excellent one, and we are truly delighted to announce them as our Charity of the Year.