The View Showhome Has Been Sold! Apartments North Wales

We are so pleased to announce that The View Apartment Showhome has been sold. This beautiful apartment was selected as our show home because of its central location in the development – and was outfitted perfectly with fixtures, fittings, fabrics, and furnishings which were selected to both represent the perfect home by the seaside, as well as show off every feature this showhome, in particular, has to offer.

Needless to say, the showhome charmed a lot of our visitors and was reserved very quickly.

Now, we are so delighted to announce that the sale of the showhome apartment has completed- meaning that the lucky owners of this stunning apartment will be in just in time for Christmas.

Of course, we need somewhere new to show future visitors around! While indeed the views from the showhome are remarkable, we’re not worried about losing them for future visitors.

One of the most amazing things about The View Apartments is that each and every apartment is designed in the same manner as the rooms in the original Hotel 70 Degrees which occupied the site in times past; meaning that the views in each and every apartment are entirely unobstructed and absolutely beautiful- no matter where you are in the building.

That, as well as the high attention to detail, design, and construction know-how of Blue Bay Homes, as well as the experienced and quality approaches by each of our local subcontractors, ensures that every apartment in The View is truly exceptional.

With this in mind, we decided that the new showhome should be something truly exceptional. We’re so pleased to introduce our next showhome – the Penthouse!  The very best of the best of The View, the Penthouse is very much the best of the best, and we hope to have it ready very soon.