Apartments North Wales - How to Refresh Your Home for 2021

It can be nice to get your home back and feel slightly calmer after all the festivities, tinsel, and sparkly objects that have been knocking around. But after taking down all the Christmas decorations, it can almost feel like you’ve been knocked back a step. All the things you wanted to change and get sorted before they were masked become blatantly obvious again – but it’s more than likely your bank account needs a bit of time to recover after December. 

We have some simple steps to refresh your home in January, which require little to no spending and will only take a couple of weekends max!

Start with a good deep clean. 

Begin your home refresh with an intense clean of your home. It’s not a particularly exciting stage, but it will make you feel more relaxed once it’s done. Dust all surfaces, shine the windows, and hoover right into the corners. 

Whilst you’re cleaning, pick up all the accessories you have on surfaces and give them a good clean too. Collect all picture frames, candles, trinkets, and vases together and keep them in one safe area. 


Consider the placement of your furniture. 

Now the accessories are out the way, you can be free to move around the furniture into new interesting layouts. You can even go as far as switching the living room to the dining room and vice versa. 

Have a closer look at your furniture too, is it looking a bit scratched and tired? Could the coffee table you inherited do with a sanding down and modernising with a fresh colour? Are your cushions looking a bit flat and could do with some extra stuffing? All these details will make a huge difference. 


Swap around and declutter. 

Perhaps the cushions in your bedroom would be better suited in the living room? Or the rug in the hallway might look better in the spare room? Simple swaps can make you feel like you’ve got something new again. 

When evaluating this, it’s a great chance to declutter and get rid of things you don’t need. Make piles for; things you want to keep and organise, a pile for charity shops, a pile of things that need a bit of TLC before being put back, and a pile to go in the bit. Be ruthless with this. 


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Evaluate your accessories. 

It’s time to go back to the collection of accessories – are there items here that just don’t work with your style anymore? Are you keeping things for sentimental reasons that look a bit shabby? By all means, keep them, but you don’t have to have them on display. Making a memory box for these items can keep them safe and ready for viewing whenever you want. 

When you putting the accessories back out, think about it a little more than usual. Objects usually look best in odd numbers. Consider layering objects like art prints and smaller trinkets. Use different heights and widths to create an interesting display. 

Where you have a collection of smaller objects, such as cosmetics or bathroom items a small tray or wicker basket can turn them into an attractive display. Stack books on coffee tables and top with objects. 


Finally, finish off with some greenery. 

Adding a couple of houseplants or fresh blooms will make your home feel lived in and loved. You’ll see these in most interior magazines for good reason. 

Houseplants are known to help lift your mood and help with anxiety too – feelings a lot of us struggle with during the pandemic, especially now the January blues can kick in.  

Hopefully, after you have completed all of these stages, you’ll be feeling refreshed and ready to face 2021 head-on! Thinking of making a change? Our apartments at The View provide the perfect blank canvas for your interior design ideas. Situated on the coast of North Wales and overlooking the stunning Irish Sea. 



How to Refresh Your Home for 2021
Article Name
How to Refresh Your Home for 2021
We have some simple steps to refresh your home in January, which require little to no spending and will only take a couple of weekends max! 
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