A Guide to Surfing in North Wales -

Now lockdown looks like it’s on its way out, many of us are searching for more adventure – and a great one to start with is surfing! Our apartments at the View are the perfect location for those looking for more excitement this summer. With Snowdonia down the valley and an abundance of coastline on the doorstep. 

North Wales, however, isn’t the first place people think of for surfing, but the area actually has a great surf culture! There are plenty of bays and beaches around the coastline, creating the right conditions for getting out on the water with your board.

Whether you’re a fully dedicated professional surfer or someone who is just trying things out for the first time, there is a spot for you on the North Wales coast

However, it’s not just the location you’ll need to be thinking about. Many factors contribute to creating the perfect conditions for surfing. You’ll need to think about the weather and the time of year too. 

This guide should help you get up to speed before you head out!

Where is popular for surfing in North Wales?

The top spots for surfing in North Wales include:

  • Porth Neigwl AKA ‘Hell’s Mouth

Located on the tip of the Lleyn Peninsula, this beach’s dramatic semi-circle shape sort of resembles a bite from a giant pair of jaws. The south-westerly force here creates rough conditions, a sailor’s nightmare yet a surfers dream.

  • Porth Trecastel AKA Cable Bay, Anglesey

This is a beautiful remote spot popular for those seeking a thrill in the water. It’s backed by dunes and surrounded by rock pools and cliffs. Parking is free.

  • Surf Snowdonia, Dolgarrog

This one’s different to the previous 2 locations – it’s a man-made surf lagoon. Surf Snowdonia uses patented engineered waves to provide you with the perfect surf every time. It’s design means that the wave can be utilised by people of all experience levels. 


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When is the best time to go surfing in North Wales?

The best time to enjoy surfing in North Wales is during the Autumn/Winter months, for two reasons. 

Firstly, you’ll find the best surf during November – April as the high winds create great waves and swells, and secondly, there will be fewer tourists around on the beach, so you’ll get a nice spot to yourself. 

You’ll need a good thick wetsuit, surf shoes, and possibly gloves during this time. The sea in North Wales stays cold till the summer months – so it’s essential to have the gear to stay warm.

However, if you are a beginner, it would be better for you to test the waters in late spring and summer. The sea tends to be flatter, calmer, and more appropriate for getting to grips with the board.


We hope that if you decide to try out surfing, you manage to find a great spot in North Wales – it shouldn’t be too hard!

A Guide to Surfing in North Wales
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A Guide to Surfing in North Wales