3 Ways To Personalise Your New Build Home | Blue Bay Homes

New build homes are often described as blank slates, you can really put your stamp on them and make them your own. With fresh and high-quality finishes throughout, you have the chance to inject your own style into your home and mould it to whatever you like! If you are currently looking for new build apartment for sale in Colwyn Bay, here are some tips on how you could personalise your space.


This can be anything from family photos to sourced artwork. There are some great prints and designs online that can be purchased or sometimes, downloaded for free and printed. A mix of media always adds to a room, with acrylic paint or gold foil often being popular choices. Why not mix different sized frames together to create a feature wall, they look great and they showcase your favourite pieces in a beautiful way.


The home accessory market has blown up over the past few years with many accessories being widely available and very affordable. Rose gold trays, lamps and ornaments have quickly become a must-have accessory along with marble accents. Accessories are an easy way to bring elegance and atmosphere into a room without breaking the bank, they can also be changed easily as you grow in your home.

Fabrics & Materials

From your furniture to your cushions and throws, adding various items to your home can really bring a room together. Soft furnishings make your home feel cosy and somewhere you want to spend time whilst sofas feel great to sit on and relax. Suede, velvet and leather are popular go-tos and the wide range of colours available means there is something to suit everyone.

Due to the nature of a new build, you don’t need to waste money paying for repairs and maintenance as you would with an older home, this means you can spend your money elsewhere such as decorating your new space.