Why are People Getting Holiday Apartments in Colwyn Bay?

It happens every day, more and more people either get themselves a holiday home or pack up camp completely and move to somewhere a bit quieter for improved quality of life, better property prices and many more benefits. 

Other areas in the world were previously the go-to locations for getting holiday homes, but now that these are filling up more and more. People are casting their eyes on the peaceful region of North Wales to have their holiday home dreams come true.

Why do people abandon the big city life for resort town living? Several reasons really, it’s about getting a better quality of life. Many people tire of the many hours stuck in standstill traffic and being surrounded by thousands of people. It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep – with the loud noises at night, the constant groan of the sound of traffic in the background – cities aren’t for everyone. Once someone has enough resources in the city to live well, they often begin to consider if there is a better way to be spending their free time.

Enter – The Holiday Home.

This allows people to essentially have their cake and eat it too. People will spend the week in the city and escape to the seaside at the weekend or for longer stretches of time.

When you own a holiday home, there’s no searching around for the best deal available at hotels in Colwyn Bay, Wales and then going through the hassle of booking – when you get yourself a holiday homes there’s nothing stopping you from just getting up and going on holiday. Owners will quite often leave the necessities and decorations at the holiday homes, so it’s all completely ready for you when you go – all you need is your wallet, your phone and your keys and you’ll be at your home from home in no time at all.

The View Apartments North Wales

Your holiday is exactly that – your home. Imagine going on holiday and being able to take all your own style and home comforts with you – priceless.

Modern living can mean a very busy life – and finding quality time to spend with partners and loved ones can be a challenge in itself. Owning a holiday property means that getting quality time is much easier.

So for the second part of this article, why Colwyn Bay in particular?

Colwyn Bay is fortunate to have received an incredible amount of funding towards its restoration and development into a tourism hub. The beachfront has been recently renovated, with a fantastic swathe of sand adjacent to the shimmering azure Bay of Colwyn and off out into the Irish Sea. The town centre is also enjoying a development boom – there are some fantastic places to hang out, including Briggs wine bar, Sheldon’s Wine Bar to enjoy a bit of wine and song with classical music performances regularly available.

With so much investment into infrastructure, as a result, Colwyn Bay is now known as an ‘up and coming town’. Those who have a savvy eye for investment are taking the intelligent step of investing in the North Wales local area and buying a property. As we are House Builders North Wales, we strive to help in assisting this wonderful area develop to its full potential, with our projects including our latest development ‘The View’ which stands on a commanding position atop Old Colwyn. These new build homes conwy are built to a high spec and sport amazing panoramic views.

With the High Street changing up its vibe and plenty of cash coming into the area, property prices are touted to improve over the course of the next few years. Quick access via the A55 North Wales expressway means that Liverpool and Manchester are a mere 1 to 2-hour drive away depending on traffic, with great train links to Colwyn Bay Train Station to boot.