Things to do at Christmas time in North Wales - Blue Bay Homes New Build Flats

Christmas is all about spending time with those you love and having some time for yourself to reflect on the year past. It just so happens that our luxury seaview apartments Colwyn Bay are located in the breathtaking location of North Wales, which has more than its fair share of natural scenery, attraction and a friendly community.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo on Christmas Eve

Did you know that the Welsh Mountain Zoo, famously the national zoo of Wales annually has a special day in which all things are half-price? This has become a tradition for many who every year head over to the zoo as part of a family tradition. There’s nothing quite like preparing a flask of mulled wine and walking around the zoo with your loved ones on a crisp Christmas eve, going to see some exotic wildlife from all over the world.

The Winter Show

The Winter Show is an exhibition of visual art on display for all to enjoy, by this I mean that admissions are 100% free for adults and children alike, and it will afford you to check out some of the most amazing art.

Bodnant Garden

We all know that Bodnant Garden is an iconic location in North Wales, thanks to it’s a diverse environment of a variety of exotic plants from around the globe and beautifully cared for garden environment. Of course, the beauty of the natural world is different at all times of the year, come and see the gardens in the soulful crispness of winter as the landscape changes to one which is more wintry.

Boxing Day Sea Dip

This might not be your cup of tea, but you might be interested in seeing the amazing sight of so many people jump into the ocean of Llandudno bay on a freezing cold winter’s day.

A Walk in the Hills

Many of us here are dreaming of a White Christmas, and while we all might love a bit of ice and snow on a cold winter’s day the odds of it being Snowy on Christmas Eve today is pretty unlikely. Never fear, why not go to the snow yourself? With a short jaunt to Snowdonia, you can find yourself among the snow in no time at all. Experiencing the snow as you go for a leisurely stroll. Remember, however, that conditions can be dangerous, and so it might not be a good idea for you to do anything beyond your capabilities, always go prepared! Cwm Idwal is a good route for casual hikers.