The Grand Depart for Prostate Cancer | Blue Bay Homes

As you may know, Gary Evans, director of Blue Bay Homes, once again took part in riding The Grand Depart for Prostate Cancer this year which is the first stage of the Tour de France (please click here if you would like to donate). Here is an update on how he got on!

I have to say that the 118 miles on this year’s Grand Depart will go down as my toughest ride ever on a bike, the distance and terrain were not the problem but the constant head and cross winds with no protection, all 234 riders commented on how brutal the ride was.


I was fortunate to get away quick from the start and 5 of us formed a great working group, all taking turns at the front to give the other a brief rest from the constant battering from the winds, the first feed station 33 miles in, we had managed to average 22.8 miles per hour, good going for windy conditions and were approx. 10 mins ahead of the next riders behind us.


All was going great at the next water stop some 77 miles in, we were still averaging 22 mph and feeling strong, the remaining 41 miles can only be described as brutal and we were all starting to suffer a bit from insistent wind, we finished the ride, battered, tired, hot but ecstatic in a time of 6 hours 12 mins with a very respectable 19 mph and 12 minutes ahead of the next riders.


The emotional rollercoaster of riding the Grand Depart is overwhelming for me and to hear the stories of all the other riders is awe inspiring, the last riders to cross the line did it in a time of 10 hours 43 minutes but to them it was like winning gold in any race, the personal challenges everyone had for the day were all met and exceeded.


As a group of 234 riders we have raised to date £311,000 with more pledges to come in and its is all down to people like you who have generously donated to this very worthy cause, thank you for your sponsorship and continued support, it means a lot


Gary Evans, Director of Blue Bay Homes

If you would like to donate to this important cause, please follow the link below: