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Our apartments on the coast of North Wales are fitted with high-quality designer bathroom suites and kitchens as standard. However, you can always add your own style ideas and personalisation to them, they are the perfect blank canvas for this. 

Adding your own touches to your apartment can be simple. You will need two things to do it – a little decoration know-how and your new apartment. Here are our tips to help you get started. 


How do I decorate my new apartment?


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  • Pick a base style. 

A well designed, homely apartment is usually a mix of two or more different styles. If it was just the one, it might feel like more of a showroom, and it would be hard to relax. Also, there are so many styles out there, so it is pretty hard to just stick to one trend. 

However, it is best to have one style which you will keep throughout your home. This will ensure that the whole home comes together and has some sort of consistency. The style you choose can also be a guide when you’re making tough decisions. You’ll be on track with the aesthetic you are trying to pull off!

  • Take a note of dimensions before looking at furniture.

Pieces of furniture like a sofa, dining table, and bed are essentials, and they’ll end up pointless if they are too big and might look drowned if they are too small. Save yourself time, stress and frustration by measuring the rooms before you look at furniture – and only consider ones which will definitely fit. 

It’s always good practice to measure your doorways too. Some furniture might seem perfect, but there is still the added challenge of getting it into the room. 


apartments north wales

  • Think about your lighting options. 

Lightning can make such a difference to a modern apartment. You may not have noticed the dramatic change to a room it can make. It can change the colours of the walls to the whole mood of a room. 

Your paint choice can appear differently when you use softer warmer lighting, compared to a home which uses cool artificial light – neither is the wrong choice, it is all down to your taste. 

Using mirrors and mirrored items can also help enhance the look of a room. They double the lighting and give an air of space. 

  • Plan your storage space. 

Getting over-excited about pretty decorations and forgetting about the all-important storage solutions is easily done. Great storage is vital in a modern apartment. It keeps away unsightly things and helps to keep the place organised. It also opens up more space for your decor ideas!


Interested in a dreamy new apartment in North Wales? Have a look at the gallery of images of our development ‘The View’ apartments. We will be resuming viewings after the firebreak lockdown.

Tips for Decorating A New Apartment
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Tips for Decorating A New Apartment
You will need two things to transform your space - a little decoration know-how and your brand new apartment.
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